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30 votes

Why is "pineapple" in English but "ananas" in all other languages?

15 votes

Word for: "Repeatedly doing something you are scared of, in order to overcome that fear in time"

11 votes

English equivalent for the Persian proverb "The mountain just gave birth to a mouse"

10 votes

Is 'I f*cked the dog' an actual idiom and are there alternatives

9 votes

Is there a term for a masked / veiled question to find sensitive information?

7 votes

What do you call the strips on shoes that are often used instead of laces?

6 votes

Single word that combines the meaning of fascination and hate?

5 votes

Idiomatic expression meaning to not reveal emotions

3 votes

A perfect (honest) pangram that is understandable for a regular native user?

2 votes

Is there an English equivalent to "Presque vu"

1 vote

When you're angry at a situation but there is no action you can take

1 vote

Word for the collectively leadership and important roles in a society

1 vote

Indispensable, Essential, "Tool of the trade", "Staple item"

1 vote

Is there a phrase like "etymologically related" but for food?

0 votes

Should /l/ sound be always pronounced completely?

0 votes

Find error in this sentence?

0 votes

Is 'lightning' here a noun or an adjective or even an adverb?