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I was born in in Brussels, Belgium. My father was a diplomate Economist, fluent in many languages. In 1940, my family relocated to London, England. Thorough knowledge of the English language and literature in the fairly typical English school I attended, was mandatory. At the age of 10, I bifurcated into the "classics" High School department, spending on average at least 2 hours each school day studying Latin, weekly 5 hours of Greek, plus 4 hours weekly of mathematics, English literature, philosophy, history and geography. After matriculation in London in 1944, I enrolled in Kings College for courses which came under the heading of engineering, subsuming chemistry, higher math, physics, study of materials.

Late in 1945, I broke off my studies in London and accompanied my family to Brussels, where I enrolled at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, School of Law. There too, after 2 years, my studies were broken off by my induction into the Belgian Armed Forces, Naval Operations. In 1951, I was awarded a Rotary scholarship to study Law in the United States. To qualify for admittance to a School of Law, I enrolled in the Social Sciences department of Pepperdine University, California in 1951 and was awarded a Bachelor of Social Science degree in 1952. The same year, I enrolled in the School of Law, University of California, and was awarded a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1955, subsequently upgraded to a Doctorate of Laws in 1958.

For a year or so, I practised Law as an Associate in a lawfirm in Los Angeles, then as a Contract Administration Supervisor with North American Aviation, Inc., a large aeronautical firm in the same city. In 1960, my employer assigned me as Contract Manager of one of its subsidiaries in Italy. In 1964, I was appointed its Acting Chief Executive Officer. I returned to California in 1965, was assigned to the Mergers and Acquisition Department of Rockwell International. In 1972, I was selected Vice President International of LTV, Dallas, Texas. In 1973, I established my own lawfirm in Long Beach, California, supervising the firm's main branch in San Juan Capistrano, California. In the late seventies, I was elected Councilman of this City, accessing to Mayor of the City a year or so later. In 1982, I decided to retire partially and relocated the firm to Sebastopol, California. In 1987, I supervised a team of builders for the construction of a Villa in the Grisons Canton of Switzerland. In 1992, I supervised a team of builders for the construction of my residence in that City. In 2002, I fully retired, though occasionally performing translation work for the U.S. Social Security Administration. I am a member of the State Bar of California, registered with US Federal Courts, the US Supreme Court and the US Court of International Trade.

I married in 1957, have three daughters. My main sources of relaxation are researching topics of interest on my computers and travelling worldwide with my wife.

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