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Independent researcher and writer

Graduated in physics but entered computing in late 1970's. Software architect since 1987. Born in Nottingham but currently working from rural Ireland.

Worked in areas of language compilers and associated tools (creating 3 proprietary language systems), computer architecture and operating system development, OLAP databases (registering 2 US patents), cross-platform portability, business intelligence, encryption, workflow, multi-tier distributed servers, locale systems and globalisation.

Researching fundamental physics and writing on the nature of time and reality. In particular on the reconciliation of quantum mechanics and reality with a block universe. Author of 'On Time, Causality, and the Block Universe' (

Entered genealogy in about 2004. Still heavily researching the history of all branches of my family (i.e. many different surnames). Working independently on a research project for a universal source format for micro-history data (STEMMA, Former Vice Chair and Acting Chair of FHISO ( Blog:

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