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Darrell Teague is a 20+ year IT veteran, Chief Architect and President of Subayai Inc.

Subayai ("agile" in Japanese), is a highly specialized IT consulting firm with a focus on logistics, e-commerce, payment and security. His customers tend to be banks and large corporations that need systems that work well for many years. We believe in iterative development though not necessarily all that is Agile/Scrum.

Darrell travels a lot, commuting between the US and EU for his customers and because he is a great fan of jet noise.

Darrell does not profess to know everything.

Indeed, he has reached such a point of enlightenment that he now truly understands the depths of his own ignorance. However, despite these short-comings, Darrell likes to help others for fun and profit where possible and thus has a small presence on some of Joel's sites.

You can reach Darrell via the contact page on the Subayai web-site: http://www.subayai.com

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