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Ashraf Alam is specialized in designing and building high-performance web applications in cloud computing environment. He is currently a part of digital platform team at Schroders and building high performance secured services for its several millions of customers and users.

Through his professional experience, Ashraf's proven ability in technology leadership role and in-depth knowledge in technology led him gaining reputation with many success stories. Few of these include writing Kernel for a cloud-based SaaS platform, leading engineering effort to build enterprise applications for large organizations, such as Target, Motorola etc.

Ashraf has been involved as speaker, organizer, writer and judge in different technical online and offline events and inspired technical people to create a better world. His such activities include his engagement with Microsoft Imagine Cup, IEEE Computer Society & Microsoft Conferences, ACM Programming Contests etc.

For his huge positive influence in the technical community around the globe, Microsoft Corporation, a worldwide software giant recognized and awarded him as Most Valuable Professional for six times.

When not engaged with technical stuff, he likes to pass the time with friends, and family members, reading or writing prose, listening music or just simply walking for hours.

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