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My name is Ernest. I have been having an incredible experience researching the most practical ways to teach creativity at the Virtual Concept Laboratory. At any given time, there's a good chance I'm either observing nature at the countryside or acting out some creativity games on paper in my Laboratory. I love playing upon words. I have used this creativity to compose high profile expressions that generate feelings of ecstasy that could make you feel like you're floating in a cloud. This is the game I play at leisure.

If you sometimes like to chill out and get cool creatively in a play upon words, then you could usually be visiting my L&D Concepts at or; where I am developing my theology. Whenever I am beside myself; I try to rest my arm on the shoulder of my research. So, in a bid to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in both pastoral and evangelistic contexts; I explore my thoughts. My current project is 'Redressing the Misogynistic Clause in Christian Ministry.'

Friends, I want to thank you for visiting my profile. Now if you need help getting unstuck, I want you to consider grabbing a coaching session with me, where my skill is the ability to quickly read people and to understand how they can make, master and channel their creative ideas for productivity. If you want that kind of high impact coaching, you can learn more at All the details are there on the coaching page. And you might also wish to check out my Podcast at Have a wonderful day!

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