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Mohammad Javanshiry
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I started being an independent physics and mathematics researcher at age 19. After 12 years, I finally gathered a considerable part of my challenging thoughts and ideas in a book entitled The Theory of Density: From the Effect of Pressure on Time Dilation to the Unified Mass-Charge Equation, which was edited by Cynthia Kolb Whitney (Editor of the slightly offbeat journal Galilean Electrodynamics) and published by Nova Science Publishers in late 2017. Now I am working on my second book ...

As a dissident scientist, I could finally publish some articles against Einstein's relativity, showing that the theory is paradoxical, in some ordinary peer-reviewed journals. Some of these articles were rejected over 100 times by many mainstream journals from all over the world:

  1. Is There any Rational Transformation for the Relativistic Force?

Annals of the ”Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati. Fascicle II, Mathematics, Physics, Theoretical Mechanics, 43 (2), pp. 170-174 (2020). DOI: (Open Access)

  1. An Ambiguity in the Relativistic Dynamics and Electromagnetism Regarding Force Transformation

Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences-Physics, 39D (2), pp. 140-144 (2020). DOI: (Open Access)

  1. Three Fundamental Questions Challenging Einstein’s Relativity

Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences-Physics, 39D (2), pp. 243-247 (2020). DOI: (Open Access)

  1. The Mechanical Behavior of a Multispring System Revealing Absurdity in the Relativistic Force Transformation

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, 2021, Article ID 2706705 (2021). DOI: (Open Access)

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