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  • I'm like an electron, you will find me with a uniform density of probability at 1AU from the Sun
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(Fantasy/Sci-Fi)Series/Sagas/Books I've read and I hold dear:

-Applegate, K. A. : Animorphs (54), Megamorphs (4).

-Asimov, Isaac: I robot, The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, Robots and Empire, Forward the Foundation, Prelude to the Foundation, Trilogy of the Foundation (3), The Limits of the Foundation, Foundation and Earth.

-Baccalario, Pierdomenico: Cyboria, El despertar de Galeno.

-Carnavan, Trudy: The Black Magician Trilogy (3), The Traitor Spy Trilogy (3).

-Collins, Suzanne: The Hunger Games Trilogy (3).

-Dashner, James: Maze Runner Series: TMR, TST, TDC and TKO. The Mortality Doctrine: TEoM and TRoT.

-Gallego García, Laura: Memorias de Idhún (3), Crónicas de la Torre: El valle de los lobos.

-Herbert, Frank: Dune.

-Liu Cixin: The Three Body Problem Trilogy (3).

-Lewis, C. S. : The Chronicles of Narnia: TMN, TLtWatW, THahB, PC and TVotDT.

-Londáiz Montiel, Joaquín: Saga Elliot Tomclyde (5).

-Martin, George R. R. : Game of Thrones: GoT, CoK, SoS, FfC and DwD.

-Matharu, Taran: The Summoner Trilogy (3), The Novice.

-Paolini, Christopher: Inheritance Cycle (4).

-Pohl, Frederik: Pórtico.

-Riordan, Rick: Percy Jackson and the Olympians (5), The Kane Chronicles (3), The Heroes of Olympus (5).

-Roth, Verónica: Divergent Trilogy (3), Carve the Mark.

-Rothfuss, Patrick: The Kingkiller Chronicles: TNotW, WMF and SRoST

-Rowling, J. K. : Harry Potter (7).

-Salgari, Emilio: Piratas del Caribe: El Corsario Negro; Yolanda, la hija del Corsario Negro. Capitán Tormenta: La galera del Bajá. Un drama en el Océano Pacífico. Los horrores de la Siberia.

-Tolkien, J. R. R. : The Hobitt, The Silmarillion.

-Verne, Julio: Cinco semanas en globo, Viaje al centro de la Tierra, 20.000 leguas de viaje submarino, La isla misteriosa, La vuelta al mundo en 80 días.

-Weir, Andy: Artemis.

Some more information about me:

-I've created an encryption code on my own (But haven't tried to crack it yet).

-I'm a bit of a perfectionist when developing new ideas, which has made me turn down almost all of them.