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These days my main job is as IT Director for Weavers Way Co-op, a cooperative grocery store in Philadelphia. This job allows me to indulge my desire to mess with a lot of different things, including occasionally some coding and web developement in addition to managing servers, deploying laptops, and crawling around under cash registers. (It also lets me work for an organization focused on sustainability, fresh healthy food, and supporting the local economy, which makes me feel good!)

I used to teach in the University of the Arts Continuing Education Web Design and Development certificate programs. I've taught various coding-oriented classes in this program-- HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP. I miss teaching, but it's hard to fit in these days and I'm not really interested in teaching over Zoom.

Other Areas of technology expertise/interest:

  • Coldfusion/CFML (Lucee!)
  • Relational databases and SQL Server
  • Point of sale systems and other technology for small chain grocery stores.
  • Linux (mainly Ubuntu)
  • Raspberry PI and other small/cheap computers.
  • bash and Powershell scripting

Management/Professional interests:

  • IT in mid-sized retail organizations (online, brick and mortar, grocery, mail order, multi-channel)
  • Managing developers
  • Cooperative enterprises

Personal Interests/Hobbies

  • Sustainable local communities
  • Cooperative enterprise
  • Board and card games (Dominion!)
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