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29 votes

Alternative to "don't put your eggs in one basket" that doesn't refer to eggs?

27 votes

What's a word that means "once rich but now poor"?

19 votes

What do you call the floor-level space that allows someone to traverse from one floor to another with stairs?

6 votes

Is the meaning of "Either latitude or longitude needs to be provided!" exclusive or inclusive?

2 votes

What is the correct way to talk about the statute of limitations?

2 votes

What is the word for the airflow effect from opening two windows on opposite sides of a room?

2 votes

Why is the structure interrogative-which-word – subject – verb (including question mark) being used so often? Is it grammatical?

1 vote

Does "assess the use of two strategies by this business as an effective strategy" mean that both strategies have to be effective, or is it ambiguous?

1 vote

Idiom meaning to give a stern lecture

0 votes

Word for "separating a group of similar-but-not-the-same things into categories"?