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Andy Cohen
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Andy Cohen calls himself a Development Manager/.NET Developer/Architect/Herder of Cats. He’s been working at HI since 2013. He’s previously worked as a principal consultant for ILM Professional Services. He also managed the development life cycle for web development projects at TempWorks Software. His programming loves are C#, MVC, jQuery, WebAPI, ASP.NET and Sitecore. He loves unit testing and is a programmer because he loves the art of coding. He’s a huge proponent of scrum and agile development. Embracing frequent change, constant communication and collaboration in development is his mantra.

“There are many types of programmers,” he says. “I am a programmer because I love the art of coding. Every day I get to code, I feel like an artist.” He’s been in the computer networking realm since he was 11 years old. He’s listed on a national historic list of BBSes. BBSes operated on modems. If you don't remember what those are, watch the movie WarGames again.

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