As a child I would love to take things apart to figure out how they worked. I still love doing that but now I know a thing or two about putting things together.

Technology has always been in my core. My father was a professional (gas turbine) engineer and his love of all things technical and mechanical was passed on to me. I remember watching with fascination while he rebuilt the engine of a 1968 Austin under the overhang of our backyard patio. I thought he was a superhero at the time. I realize now he was probably just saving money by doing it himself rather than paying a mechanic to do it.

His work ethic was passed on too. The desire to do things well the first time. The job isn't complete until you clean and put away the tools. Neatness, organized and well prepared are half the job. There is an optimal way to do every task. Automation is poetry in action.

I started my tech career as a developer writing code for generating check digits and bar codes using Microsoft BASIC, Honeywell BASIC and DOS command line for a printing company in the late 80's. I graduated from there to *nix-based systems including Xenix, AIX, DG-UX and HP-UX to name a few. My first email address was obtained in 1989 using a dial-up Bulletin Board System (BBS) called Internet Direct. Also that year, I began programming in 4GL and RDBMS database systems using PROGRESS.

Using PROGRESS lead me into a job with Stefor Distribution Systems ('90-'92) where I fused my technology and development skills with consulting and advising clients. A very formative stage for me I have always enjoyed being of service to others and found a great deal of pleasure in being able to relate the technology to the executives I was engaged with.

On to working for an international conglomerate (Unilever) under the localized brand of Thomas J. Lipton ('92-95) where I started with a PROGRESS-based application for manufacturing (MFG-Pro), building a framework for interfacing data into online transaction forms, investigating Internet technologies and how the business might utilize them before moving on to implementing Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) transaction systems to integrate with our applications.

Hubble Technology Consulting Inc. was born from here in 1995 and we began implementing EDI systems for many retail businesses, including Good-Humor Breyers, Lever-Ponds and Lipton-Monarch PMG.

Now I advise and assist companies on many technology aspects.

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