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Hello, I'm Alex!

I am an expert back-end and desktop software developer with over 5 years of experience. I create fast, reliable, and safe Rust applications taking advantage of the full power of modern multi-core machines. Before moving to Rust I used to develop system, desktop, and back-end applications in C/C++ for Linux and Windows. My personal goal is to use the most robust software architecture and write clean code.

Feel free to hire me if you want your project to be done in time and using high-end technologies and frameworks.

My expertises:

  • Rust (Tokio, Actix, diesel etc.)
  • C (libc, Unix, WinAPI)
  • C++ (Qt, Boost, C++11)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis)
  • FFmpeg (libav, video/audio transcoding and delivery)
  • fluent in Linux and Windows administration
  • some basic understanding of Python and Go
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