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Taffey L

Unpublished author. I write of psychological horror. Compiling a compendium of at least ten novels and/or short stories. I am a Bladerunner fan. I have complied several mini stories (In addition to those novels indicated above). None published.

I have no contact address at this time. I hope to publish at some point in 2018. Please revisit my profile; for updates and links to things that I publish in the future. Thank you kindly.

Two works that I would like to publish include:

  • One. A short story set within a Welsh village in the year 1409.


Burning Like Fire


He was not sure if she would cum.

He did not know if she would agree.

He had faith and hoped she would not kill him!

He knew; he would give his life for the other.

This short has the capability to grow into a larger novel in the future.

  • Two. A novel exploring death and the struggle for truth.




An isolated and solitary man; a broken man; solemn with hate; an insincere hate, which imbues loathing and dismay into him; isolating him from reality. A troubled man; who seeks benevolence in the solitude of the mountain tops, to accept and morn the loss of his mother. A mother he hates with conviction.

Stumbling into death; he discovers truth. Daemons that hunt within the shadows of memories. Mocking him; torturing and twisting his mind into a contortion of lies; desolating him with remorse; condemning him to sorrow; driving him to suicide.

Raging to the edge of madness; he desperately brawls; fighting for his freedom; his liberty and his truth. Fighting against a system of prejudice; discrimination and injustice. Numerically defiled and at the brink of despair; with only the joy of suffering awaiting his naive innocent guilt, he battles for his soul from the glorious internment of Hell.

Thank you for reading my profile.

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