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Library worm since age of two: speed reading Dylan Thomas, Walt Whitman and Noah Chomsky at 7. Stack-a-day in behavioral science faculties across two continents at 21. Gee code looks fun. Base HTML/CSS fascinates me, needs a lot more stretching. So much NEED, that I am not really interested in programmatic languages... yet. DOCSYS 5/WEB 5 coming: HTMP integrated preprocessor, now you're talking! SIMPLE little things! DOM language operators '>' and '~' and '<', totally amazing: nobody understands, but least of all me. So you see, if you came here looking to downvote me, WELCOME! My best score after a decade in this place is ZERO: meaning, I have no idea where I am going, and concommitantly, we have no idea where we are going. The journey is invigorating. Healthy, and I recommend it for all. OH, and fit in with Stack Overflow. (((really))) Enjoy.

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