I am a student game developer attending the University of Southern California. I play all sorts of games and am primarily interested in narrative/adventure games. My primary game dev interests are in writing, production and game design, however, I have been known to quite frequently program as I generally enjoy working on smaller teams and personal projects. I'm no engineer, however. I'm primarily a game designer, narrative designer and creative developer at heart.

I know Java and C# intermediately, program primarily in Unity3D (though I'm starting to learn other tech as well!), and am currently interning at a start-up in my hometown working on android app development for the very first time (An information portal app, not a game, but maybe soon).

You can learn more about what I do, where I'm heading and all sorts of random stuff at my website (which is perpetually work-in-progress) www.anothergamedesigner.com where I try to blog when I find free time. (Which is only sometimes...)

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