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I like Nature and it makes me sad to see her disappear.
I love(d) making paper planes. I love old planes, made without the use of computers. One of each will do. The plane as a work of art. No one can beat the flying of insects and birds though. Ca va sans dire. I know that the ones in power (like moderators) need the powerless to canalize their power upon. If only powerful people would exist, power is meaningless.
I also know that I like the sciences and art (all forms of it, including non-western art which has much more meaning; this art represents a world-view, just as the sciences do, so you can call the sciences an art; this is made clear by Paul Feyerabend in his little book "Wissenschaft als Kunst").

I really like the writings of Paul Feyerabend. As another philosopher of the sciences (Herr Feyerabend didn't like this qualification, as he didn't like being put in any category) once said:

I know no other person who has written one book ("Against Method") in three different editions with different content.

His most cited and most misinterpreted one-liner: "Anything goes".

People like Richard Dawkins have written many books, with many different covers. But with the same content, over and over again.

I'm particularly interested in physics, which strange enough in the Netherlands is called "Natuurkunde"="knowledge of Nature", while everywhere else it's called something like it's called in English. But over here you can also call it "fysica" too. Just so, mathematics is called "wiskunde=knowledge of erasing". I'm not aware of another country also using different terms. I like every field. From the small(est) to the big(est). From classical to modern. I'm very interested, even a fan, of the Rishon Model.

I think everybody should see this tear-jerking documentary. Or this one. Or this beautiful movie. Or this one.

I don't understand why so much tax money is spent on the biggest constructions to find the smallest.


If thou art worn and hard beset
By troubles that thou wouldst forget
If thou wouldst read a lesson that would keep
Thy heart from fainting and thy soul from sleep

Go to the woods and hills
No tears
Can dim the sweet look
That Nature wears

What I also know, is that if the economical machine ain't slowed down, or at productivity isn't made to be constant, renewable, recyclable, and energy to produce goods doesn't from clean sources and made transportable by hydrogen, Nature will cease. Birds will fall out of the sky one day.

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