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Old guy trying to learn new things, see my website for details -- sort of.

Finally completed posting journalling emails from my last five years of flying at Now I'm moving on to finish the talking-of-flying page, sort of a mini-memoir by topic of the 30 years I spent flying.

And I'm still working off and on to keep my aging brain active, a JavaScript rewrite of an application I originally wrote in C for DOS in 1988 to do weight & balance for large cargo aircraft (primarily 747s, which I used to captain). Go to to access it. It's usable, and I'm currently adding to it automatic allocation of a load.

And at is an unpublished novel I wrote many years ago. It's not primarily a flying story, but flying a 747 is involved. The protagonist hijacks a 747 freighter. The 747 detail starts in chapter 28 in Bangkok, proceeds through Hong Kong's old Kai Tak airport, to the conclusion of the flight where the airplane burns on the runway at Half Moon Bay, California after having flown under the Golden Gate bridge with only two engines operating.

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Dec 26, 2017