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I'm a professional keyboard warrior and Dutch freelance developer who's currently available for a new job. I primarily build and maintain back-end software in C# (and sometimes in PHP), but I'm pretty capable in front-end as well. Decently skilled in current network communication protocols and data retrieval, transformation and storage.

Ususally I work on background services, using message buses and/or REST APIs, creating application parts (one might call it "microservices") providing functionality for other applications, either internally or externally.

Whatever I work on, I improve its performance in its broadest way: from runtime profiling of code, queries and requests, to restore, build, test and deploy times, as well as inter-developer experience.

The latter could involve branching strategies, or guidelines for ticket workflow and code quality, but also technical solutions as lifecycle automation (CI/CD) and containerization to provide developers with a reproducible environment, pre-filled with test data and up and debuggable with as few unscripted commands as possible, on any host.

When I try to answer questions on this site, I like to find out the underlying problem, if any. See Raymond Chen's blog: Before you develop a solution, make sure you really understand the problem.

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