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21 votes

[S]he has the ears of a ...?

12 votes

Why is "distro", rather than "distri", short for "distribution" in Linux world?

5 votes

Word that describes someone that causes his own misfortune

5 votes

Is there any word for the person who is running the business of "Prostitution"?

4 votes

Idiom/Phrase/Proverb to describe a scenario where a person who saved me from a bad habit has now fallen into the the same habit

3 votes

Can we call something a "word" if it doesn't have a vowel?

1 vote

"Maintenance" or "Support"?

0 votes

What's an English word that means "a community of experts"?

0 votes

A person who criticizes his own homeland/city/country?

-1 votes

What connotation does "to fork one's repo" have?

-3 votes

Is there a word for this emotion? Resentment over someone's good fortune without wanting it - Not quite jealousy/envy