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I am a Digital Product designer with both user experience and project management background, coming from software house and digital agency (UX & creative) fields.

My everyday work is ideation of solutions that users would find useful and love to use and bring a tangible business value at the same time.

I am experienced with workshop and design work over a wide range of systems: from marketing initiatives to complex back office and collaboration tools, heavy-data analytical dashboards, bespoke mobile apps, online shops and process-oriented systems.

I believe that making business, design and technology work better together is the true 21st-century alchemy. I disagree with user- & conversion centred design split; if it is good enough then it will convert. And it is only good if the business model is good, users are happy, and it is supremely developed by the best people using mature development process at the same time.

My primary aim is building up the business and use Value of the Digital Products I work on. This is why I find the initial, conceptual and planning work most interesting, especially when it comes to supporting the creation of large-scale digital products. I enjoy working with them from the very forming of the product vision, through personas, to interface design and supporting ongoing development needs. At each stage of this process, I focus on coming up with ideas that would substantially increase the product Value and then bringing these ideas to life.

In my personal life, I am a father, a husband and a street photographer.

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