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Gerold Broser
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  • Vienna, Austria

Computer enthusiast, born 1963, in IT since when it was still called EDP (1978) (ancient for „teh Internets“, but us guys older than dirt now invented it ;)

Favouring java since 2006. Also creator of javascript:

┌ Degree in Electrical Engineering  high-power
java  SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer)
c#  MCPD (MS Certified Professional Developer)
windows-server  MCTS (MS Certified Technology Specialist)
citrix  CCA (Citrix Certified Administrator)
ms-access  MCP (MS Certified Professional)
software  Trainer
documentation  Writer
astrophysics  Student
├ ... still learning every single day


It may happen on occassion that a strange, black, ironic, sometimes even sarcastic sense of humor overwhelms me. Doctors have diagnosed this as SPAM-MAPS (SPontAneous Mp [Multi-Attack Palindrome] Syndrom). It leads to increase in blood pressure, flood of tears, hence visual impairment, inability to eat or drink, intermittent breathing accompanied by weird noises and it is extremly infectious but harmless otherwise.

It is advised to not take things deadly serious then. If you decide to do so nevertheless, please note that you do it at your own risk of suffering from stomachache, a heart attack, a stroke, flatulences[,] killing a butterfly, a fawn, a unicorn or myriads of your neurons.

Always keep in mind:

Laughing is the best way to bare your teeth.

With that said: Thank you for your cooperation!

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