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28 votes

"fluctuates widely" or "wildly"?

19 votes

How to read “E = (mc)²” so as not to mistake for “E = mc²”

8 votes

Cases where "mistake" and "error" are not interchangeable

8 votes

Collective word for food and drink

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Difference between "the very first" and "first"

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Can we use "Do your Button" for "Close your button"?

4 votes

Alternatives to "Good Night" when sleeping in the afternoon

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A single word antonym of "absorb"

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What number bus is that? or What bus number is that?

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What is the Tacoma Narrows bridge doing in this picture?

1 vote

What's a non pejorative way of saying that a woman is bigger?

1 vote

Plural of “advice”

0 votes

Is there a word to describe someone who tends to disagree with others only to upset them?

0 votes

What's the opposite of "concatenate" in programming?

-2 votes

Is there a word for the person who hides truth in order to deceive?