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11 votes

Word for someone who has been through a lot of hardship and is therefore not naïve

10 votes

Where is the humour in the following citation?

7 votes

Is "weekend warrior" derogatory?

6 votes

Is there an expression to indicate the strategy of wearing someone down with numerous small irritations?

5 votes

A derogatory term for a book or other printed material

4 votes

Is there any word in English where "th" sounds like "t+h"?

3 votes

What word to choose as the opposite of "self-aware"?

3 votes

Is there a negative word for an overt display of emotion?

2 votes

What is the word for thinking philosophically about life?

1 vote

A word with two meanings though misuse could be lethal

1 vote

The company I work at has this thing we have to say every morning. What is it called?

0 votes

Is there a word for food that's gone 'bad', but is still edible?