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What is a person's attributes relevant for such a site? I am of Indian-origin, resident in Uganda. My grandfather migrated to East Africa in 1903 at the age of 15. He was resident in Uganda for a number of years but then went and settled in Kenya. My father was born in Kenya and transferred from Mombasa to Kampala in 1946 to open a community-based investment trust. I was born in Mombasa and did my schooling in Kampala and then my A-levels in Norwich, BA at Trinity College Cambridge, and PhD at Stanford, both the BA and PhD in economics. I have just finished writing a book about our community, Uganda Asians, based around our expulsion from Uganda in 1972 at the whim of the then-president Idi Amin. It's mostly oral history - stories in the words of how people coped through the expulsion and how their ancestors came to East Africa. I just completed it after 10.6 years of writing. It came to 2340 pages, 2 million words. It is self-publish. The readership does not go beyond 234 because of the number of the 1972 Uganda Asian cohort still in the world and their limited reading proclivities! But academic and national honours are bound to come. My particular advantages in doing the book are that I was in Uganda in 1972 (to collect data for my dissertation) during the expulsion, I grew up in Uganda in near-pioneer days and I have returned to Uganda to live here since 2005. I have therefore those reference points, reinforced by the fact that my dissertation was on Uganda's economic development. Hence I know the statistics. It's an oral-storical book but it does have a base of statistics. What are my interests here? Well, I am very interested in all aspects of English grammar, as it is and as it evolves. Most of the questions/discussion points I will bring here are based on things I come across in my writing.

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