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a shortened form of a word, or phrase, typically created by taking initial letters for example OEM for Original Equipment Manufacturer or shortening the word, for example 'Tues' for…
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Systematic variation/gradation of vowels in a word element, reflecting a change in grammatical function (e.g. sing, sang, sung, song).
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Questions about words spelled with either *-able* or *-ible*.
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English used and created by Indigenous Australians
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Questions related to academic English or English for academic purposes, i.e. the English used in higher education.
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Pronunciation characteristics of a certain individual, location, or nation. Generally does NOT include learning to speak with various accents or identifying accents.
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words which were created by taking the first letter (or several letters) of each word of a phrase.
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indicate that the subject of a sentence is performing the action or causing the event or process described by the verb, as 'kicked' in "the boy kicked the football"
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just one of several different types of noun modifiers, typically used to premodify or describe a noun. Do not confuse adjectives with nouns used attributively to modify other nouns. Adj…
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any syntactic constituent able to take the place of an adverb, including adverbial phrases and adverbial clauses. These can serve as complements or as modifiers.
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The position of an adverb often depends on the kind of adverb (manner, place, time, degree) and if the word being modified is a verb or an adjective.
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a word that modifies an adjective, adverb, preposition, phrase, or sentence, expressing some relation of place, time, circumstance, causality, manner, or degree.
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African American Vernacular English or Black American English.
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