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Questions about terms for animals and their accoutrements
72 questions
The accepted forms of answers (including permitted deletions), and felicitousness (does the reply give the questioner the information they desire?)
1 question
A rhetorical device in which a word or phrases is repeated, but means something different in each instance.
4 questions
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for questions about using one part of speech as another part of speech, such as using a noun as if it were a verb: "The little old lady turtled along the road."
10 questions
3 questions
English as used in the antipodes; that is, in either or both of Australia and New Zealand.
12 questions
Antiquated language that may no longer be used in contemporary language, except with the intention of illustrating the language of a particular past period.
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An antonym is a word with a meaning opposite to another word.
986 questions
14 questions
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5 questions
Questions relating to the use of the apostrophe (’).
565 questions
For questions regarding a relationship between two or more words or phrases in which the two units are grammatically parallel and have the same referent, for example "my friend Sue"
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Archaic or obsolete vocabulary and grammar.
271 questions
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for questions about the usage of articles (e.g. a, an, and the).
16 questions
General issues about verb aspect, perfective, continuous, etc.
27 questions
6 questions
6 questions
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