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African American Vernacular English or Black American English.
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An *agent noun* is a noun which identifies the performer of an action, typically derived from the verb for that action. For example, a *writer* is one who *writes*; *writer* is the agent noun.
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Questions about suffixes like "-er" that create "agent nouns"; see also the tag "agent-nouns".
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For questions about how words change depending on other words in a sentence. Also called concord.
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Questions about the usage, etymology, history, and meaning of the contraction "ain't."
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Questions regarding the English alphabet.
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for questions about words or phrases that have multiple meanings and can thus be understood in different ways. If your question is about different words that can be easily mixed up or con…
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for questions related to the English language as used in the United States of America.
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The ampersand (&) represents the conjunction 'and'
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An analogy compares two subjects to focus on the similarities
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