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Is it ok to have a semicolon after a colon or em dash? (or other variations)

Robert Louis Stevenson writes, in The Adventure of the Hansom Cab [The Literature Network]: The drawing-room began to look empty: the baccarat was discontinued for lack of a banker; more than one ...
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Which format is most common for representing a number range in U.S. punctuation style and in British punctuation style?

Style advice on how to punctuate a numerical range intersects with style advice on whether to spell out numbers or use numerals. To keep the coverage here shorter than it otherwise would be, however, ...
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What is the grammatical structure of {the + superlative substantive}?

In The deepest and the longest, "the" a determiner qualifying an exophoric superlative substantive. Cambridge Dictionary Exophoric: referring to something or understood because of something ...
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