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Fennel, like rice or celery, is a mass noun and normally occurs only in the singular. Mass nouns aren't instantiated; they're abstract, or liquid, or granular, and don't occur in individualized pieces, like beans or dogs or roses, which are count nouns and have normal plurals. So the plural of a mass noun often means different kinds of something, ...


Another is BrE mass surgery, and countable operation for the individual item, and AmE countable surgery.


The verb weigh has two meanings and in your examples, it does NOT mean 'to measure heaviness' of something. It means to 'consider' or to 'assess' the benefits versus the risks. weigh verb (CONSIDER) to carefully consider, especially by comparing facts or possibilities, in order to make a decision


As a longtime restaurant worker I consider myself an expert on beverages. Coffee is brewed in quantity. We make a pot of coffee and then pour it out into cups to serve it, so the coffee is uncountable and the cups are countable. Three coffees is short for three cups of coffee, as others have noted. Latte, on the other hand, is not brewed in quantity, but ...

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