Determining English equivalents for words or phrases in other languages (that is, translation into English). We don't actually do translations: we can try and help you with your own translation. Please see the detailed tag info for guidance on what to ask.

This Stack Exchange site is not a translation service. However, the community can try to help with an idiomatic translation of a particular word or phrase. You need to assume that we do not know what it means in the original language: you need to use English to explain the non-English word or phrase.

To ask a question with a good chance of a good answer, you need to indicate what the word or phrase is intended to mean, together with any connotation it carries (for example, is it pejorative or adulatory?) This is an essential part of any question.

Often, including the context around the doubtful word or phrase will help answerers to determine an idiomatic equivalent. The more you can provide to help, the better.

In some cases, it can help to include the word or phrase in the original language. It might also help to include the output from an online translation service, as that might provide a starting point which the community can build from.

This tag is not appropriate for questions about translating English text into other languages. Typically, those questions are off-topic on this site, although you may be able to ask what particular phrases mean in English, in order that you can determine how to translate them into another language. Choose the relevant tag for the question you have about the English text.