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To Find a Word Beginning with B: Adjective, in the Shape of a Grape

Botryoidal means having the form of a bunch of grapes (apparently from Latin botrus and/or Greek βότρυς, meaning grape or bunch of grapes). https:...
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Between each/every (logic analysis)

How to add space between words when typing into Word? There are marked lines between the persons in this row. For a pedant like me, "between each" ...
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Is there a better word for 'anonymity' here?

The idea of a city as providing anonymity is a common one, so that's probably as good a word as any. Some examples follow. In 2017, the BBC quoted Peter Swire, professor of law and ethics at Georgia ...
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Is there a better word for 'anonymity' here?

You could say The Festival was the reason he had chosen this place to enter the country, the safety and blending in it provided would make his further travels much smoother. Blend in means to look ...
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Is there a better word for 'anonymity' here?

Now that the poster has made allowance for phrases as well (previously it's only SWR), I propose lost in the shuffle. Failing to stand out among others. This metaphoric term alludes to mixing playing ...
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Is there a better word for 'anonymity' here?

Untraceability or untrackability seems appropriate, but it unwieldy. Rewording slightly: The Festival was the reason he had chosen this place to enter the country, the increased number of foreigners ...
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Is there a better word for 'anonymity' here?

Hospitality may be the word you’re looking for. The natives or locals welcome outsiders, whom they recognize. Thus, outsiders are not in fact anonymous. See
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"feint" and "feign": Are they synomyms?

The Middle English Dictionary (Middle English Compendium, University of Michigan) gives overlapping meanings for both verbs from the early 14th century onward. Here are the etymologies they present: ...
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What's the difference between superpose and superimpose?

I think there are two distinct concepts, but they are confused by using both terms. In Geology the law of superposition states that in undeformed strata the oldest materials lie at the bottom and are ...
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Are "zugzwang", "catch-22" and "catch-33" synonyms?

Catch 22 refers to the impossibility of an action, due to a circularity. In the eponymous book, Yossarian cannot successfully plead insanity to forgo dangerous future air raid missions, as a person ...
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Is there a term like "antonym" but for words of opposite sentiment?

There seems to be a term related to the use of such language, familiar to all who might have heard an impassioned speech by such as a political candidate. It's used in a construction known as ...
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