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Is "don't" a particle of its own?

Questions like Why do you play chess? display subject auxiliary inversion; the auxiliary verb do appears before the subject you. In a normal declarative clause, the adverb not occurs after the first ...
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What Is 'Given' Information according to the 'Given-before-New' Principle?

The relevant concepts are discourse-new and discourse-old (or "familiar" — or "given") information. Old information in understood as anything that is familiar in a given discourse. ...
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What Is 'Given' Information according to the 'Given-before-New' Principle?

Your first question asks if the given information in the Given-New principle refers a. to 'anything that we assume to be familiar' or b. to 'anything that has already been mentioned in the text' - or ...
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Is "What courses is everyone taking?" grammatical?

What courses is everyone taking? This is technically grammatical, even though it may sound odd to a non-negligible amount of people. "What courses" is not a grammatical subject in this ...
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