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Slang word for "police station"

The founder of the British police was Robert, not William, Peel, hence the British "bobbies" for police.
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What "On your approach" means in this context?

The game is using aviation terminology. An "approach" is the phase of the flight where you are "approaching" something - usually an airport if you are a normal plane, a target if ...
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Root and meaning of the phrase 'couple two three'

In 1969 I started college in central Minnesota. A classmate from an agricultural family and community,Currie, Minnesota (near Hutchinson AKA "Hutch"), used to say "a couple a three/a ...
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What is the etymology of the "drop" in "drop acid"?

We used to put liquid acid on sugar cubes. We would drop the acid on the cube
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What's the etymology of "noddle"? And is "noodle" a derivative?

Nobody knows. The OED says "noddle" is "of uncertain origin"; it dates back to around 1425. It suggests there might be a relation to "nod" (around 1390, origin unknown ...
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When did "light (something) up" begin to mean shooting?

J.E. Lighter, The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (1997) has the following relevant entries for "light up": light up v. ... 2.a. to fire a gun. 1953–55 Fine Delinquents ...
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