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There can be no comma - a questionmark is required. "... he would watch the planes fly past and thought, "Why can't I travel too**?**" but he couldn't afford it[no comma] after all,


Yes, just which punctuation characters are used for quotation marks, and how you pair them, varies greatly by language and locale. They can be low or high or left-facing or right-facing, etc. Here are the more common ones, with each character’s formal Unicode name listed afterwards in ugly blue monospace as though it were computer code in case you aren’t ...


This currently seems to be in flux. In the bad old days it was determined by the layout people. A period outside of a set of quotes all by itself offended their tidy nature. Periods, exclamation marks, question marks always went inside quotes and, I think, parentheses. More recently the trend is to put the period with the most recent full sentence. The ...

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