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Off the top of my head, I'd construct your examples in the following way: I see myself as the Pope. I see myself as Pope Benedict XII. I see myself as Rambo (on vacation). I see myself as Chandler without friends. To my ears, Rambo on vacation grates. I might rather I see myself as Rambo when on vacation. But then it's unclear who's on vacation and where ...


The Chicago Manual of Style, "8.22 Civil titles" says: In formal prose, however, civil titles are capitalized only when used as part of the name (except as noted). See also 10.13. By this, your sentence is rendered as: XYZ University's board chairman and office manager shall provide the following documents by the September 1, 2021. In "8....


Interesting to see these different terms. In intellectual property law, an eponym can refer to a generic trademark or brand name, a form of metonymy, such as aspirin, heroin and thermos in the United States. I remember discussing this with some fascination in a linguistics class. I remember disliking the class but being interested in this particular concept.


The formal name in English of what used to be the main road from San Francisco to San Jose is El Camino Real (this is what you see on the street signs). In addition, we very rarely put the in front of street names in English. You wouldn't say that the prime minister lives on the Downing Street. There are some streets which include the in their formal names (...

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