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This tag is for questions seeking a phrase or an expression that fits a meaning. If you're specifically seeking only a single word, see the "single word requests" tag too.

Use this tag for questions that are about finding a [reasonably] well known phrase or expression to fit a meaning. Describe the intended meaning, connotation, and/or context in as much detail as you can. Questions that show no research are likely to be closed.

Oxford English Dictionary defines a phrase as:

A small group or collocation of words expressing a single notion, or entering with some degree of unity into the structure of a sentence; a common or idiomatic expression.

A sample question that definitely belongs in this tag:

This tag should be distinguished from:

  • , which asks for a fixed phrase showing idiosyncratic choice of sense of a word it contains, idiosyncratic grammar, or both.
  • , which is for questions specifically seeking single words rather than phrases, though both tags may be used in conjunction when you want a term but don't care if it's a single-word or multi-word term
  • , which is for "versus" questions, when you already have several alternatives at your disposal, but are not sure which one to use
  • , which is for more broad questions, e.g. those that ask for lots of words at once

Question Checklist

Before making a phrase request, ask yourself the following questions (taken from this meta topic about good request questions):

  • Does the question describe exactly in what context you want to use a phrase?
  • Does the question specify the criteria for which the suggested phrase will be accepted?
  • Does the question list which phrases you didn't like?
  • Does the question show that you searched for a suitable phrase before asking the question?