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I never heard this but I can't imagine Joe Biden insulting anyone in public. If he said "fat", well, he was mad at the time, and held in, lest he had said "fatso" or "fatass" or worse. (Not "fat pig"- this doesn't sound right, nor "fat cow", as the gentleman he was talking to was - well, a man.) Oh, well, "Fat" is not a derogatory term. It's an adjective. ...


I would say Bob's debate style is that of a Sophomania . As nouns the difference between intelligence and sophomania is that intelligence is (uncountable) capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to learn and comprehend while sophomania is a delusion of ...


It sounds like you are looking for a pejorative to describe a single member of a group, who blindly follow. Lemming is sometimes used for this purpose.

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