This tag is for questions concerning the written representation of the English language, especially spelling and word breaks (including hyphenation).

Orthography, which can be loosely translated as “correct writing”, encompasses spelling, word breaks (such as hyphenation), and other topics related to the written presentation of language.

One of the most fraught aspects of written English, for native speakers and learners alike, is the weak relationship between spelling and pronunciation, with numerous conflicting patterns, often-unpredictable , and differences in preferred spelling among dialects. See for related questions. Mispronunciations of words based on their spelling are covered under .

Matters of , , and also fall under the rubric of orthography. Beyond broad conventions, however, these questions often come down to style, and no single right answer may exist. Writers should consult their editor, publication/organization, or preferred style manual

For questions about visual style, legibility, or typefaces, may be more appropriate, but rarely do questions in this arena center on their linguistic or even philological angles. Our sister sites, for example Graphic Design, User Experience, or Tex, may be better-equipped to answer them.