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What does "Orrin B. Evans" refer to in this context?

Just to elaborate on PaulTannenbaum's answer, Orrin B. Evans was given an honorific of some kind (likely chairperson) at the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California as ...
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What does "Orrin B. Evans" refer to in this context?

It’s an honorific. Such descriptions of academic posts—also called chairs—most often reflect the identity of donors who have given large sums of money—called endowments. So perhaps Mr. Evans is/was a ...
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Harry Vandiver's comment on the infinitude of Wilson primes

The key phrase is drop dead. Dictionaries may not be helpful, because this informal phrase has here its literal meaning, simply to fall down suddenly lifeless. However, while it does simply mean that, ...
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new possibilities generated by these activities coupled with selection

The activities refers to the random cellular-level goings-on. The "possibilities" and "outcomes" refer to the results of such random goings-on. All phases of body development from ...
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Mathematical distinction in "Relation between edges" VS "Relationship between edges"?

Relations are defined in Mathematics as a subset of the Cartesian Product between sets. Relationships are defined in Linguistics as a semantic correspondence between words. Mathematics and Linguistics ...
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Meaning of joined in marriage

"to join in marriage" is a set phrase, meaning to cause a couple to become married. It acts like a transitive verb, so in I joined in marriage Ben and Nicole "Ben and Nicole" is ...
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Is "parse out" actually a phrasal verb, and in what context do you use "parse"

Most dictionaries may not have caught on yet, but it passes muster in many publications in the sense of 'figure out'. There's a few hundred hits in the News on the Web Corpus. It's difficult to parse ...
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Is "parse out" actually a phrasal verb, and in what context do you use "parse"

Farlex carries this usage: parse out: To make sense of or find meaning in something. [A noun or pronoun can be used between "parse" and "out."] Are you able to parse anything out?...
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When someone tells you, "you're a trip"

Green's Dictionary of Slang has many definitions of trip, both noun and verb. The relevant one is noun 4.2d: an odd, eccentric person; a funny person. Green's labels this as US campus, i.e. college/...
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Does "sallow complexion" include bad meaning?

This word “sallow” was stamped on all the permit cards for visitors came from China during the 18th century “Chinese exclusion Act” to indicate their complexion and mannerism. You figure it out was ...
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