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'My Swift and my Armour' from Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"

Swift and Armour killed soldiers with rotten beef in the Spanish American war and WWI. That's the context.
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Usage of Distribution and alternatives/synonyms

Rather than find a synonym for distribution in its non-statistic sense, I would use statistical distribution whenever I intended the technical statistical term and when not, simply distribution.
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Can anyone help me to explain the response in a conversation?

You are pretty much correct. B: for me, as bad as it sounds probably good. Not so much for her. He is saying that for him it is a better, for him a preferred, outcome but with "as bad as it ...
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Can anyone help me to explain the response in a conversation?

You can say this last sentence, which is interrogative, by saying it with the rising vocal tone of the question implied by the punctuation at the end. Normally, interrogatives are expressed by ...
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What is a "clout"?

A term for Ladies substantial undergarments in the West Riding ( Huddersfield in particular) area of Yorkshire.
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"what an oyster is to a butter mushroom", meaning?

They are both a type of mushroom. See oyster mushroom and butter mushroom. The vendor has butter mushrooms and oyster mushrooms on the stall, and perhaps the buyer does not know the difference. I don'...
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