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Meaning of "teen" in Aeschylus's play "The Persians"

The OED gives the meaning of teen, now considered obsolete (or limited to "poetic Scots") as teen (n.) Etym. Cognate with Old Saxon tiono crime, injustice, injury, †1.a. Harm inflicted or ...
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Meaning of "teen" in Aeschylus's play "The Persians"

I don't know what the exact context of the play is, but the ominosity of the nearby lines imply to me that it's intended in the word's second (now archaic) sense, "misery, affliction". (...
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What is the correct term to describe literary works that are only partly fictional?

In Latin American literature criticism, there is the accepted "Historical fiction" of which originate in modern form with the works of Walter Scott and James Fenimore Cooper. In these, the ...
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