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You could use Roman numeration: (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) etc.


The last explanation here is the most to the point: go by a manual of style. However, the example is an incorrect rendering of the Chicago manual. First, the answer to your question is "no"--with the exception of the hyphen (as you see here, a quotation mark followed by a hyphen). Second, since the sentence which has the questions within it is not a question,...


It is necessary, but not because it separates an enumerated list, rather it marks off a parenthetical insertion. The phrase "but also expert engineers" is inserted and needs to be set off with commas (or dashes): Due to X, it is difficult for researchers, lecturers and students to apply Y. Due to X, it is difficult for researchers, lecturers and ...


There is a parallel with the labelling of goods in military stores. For example:'Coats, great, officers for the use of'. Such ordering allows lists to be compiled in alphabetical order that simultaneously help the user of the list find the item being looked for. So, if a list were compiled using that approach, all coats would be listed together, which ...

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