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Solipsistic This is the adjectival form of Solipsism, an idea from philosophy, that one can only be sure of one's own existence. By extension, this has gained an additional meaning of an egocentrism so extreme that the person afflicted by it sort of forgets that the people around him exist. Notice that egocentric, the inability to distinguish between ...


My grandmother always called it a stewer. She was born in 1900. Pictures I see these days call it a saucepan. We cooked vegetables, not sauces or stews in it.


Yes, it's a word. Depending on your definition of "new," it could be centuries old or (in current usage) at least 35 years old. Glowy is a formation made from a noun (glow) and a generative suffix (-y, described in Merriam-Webster as "characterized by" and other meanings). The suffix can be used to create nonce words (words created for singular occasions) ...


Glowy is defined by Lexico as: Giving off a steady light.


I found this ambiguous also while preparing advertising projects, so after reading this here went to and realized the fundamental sense, so the renter is bi-directional noun form, as genitive for the provider or accusative case for given/taker determined by role either, but principality renter is the owner with holding rights who uses property ...

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