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The word psithurism first appears as a match in a Google Books search in 1871. It reappears once in 1872, three times in 1874, and one last time in 1876 before slipping into occultation thereafter for the next century or so. Its next vogue began around 1983, seemingly on the strength of being called out as a quaint and colorful obsolete word. I am not at all ...


Words imported relatively recently in English from another language go through a period during which their status as legitimate English (as opposed to foreign borrowings) may be in doubt. In the case of shpritz, we are dealing with two levels of complication. First, we have the problem that the spelling shpritz identifies the word as Yiddish, not English. ...


It’s either German or Yiddish. I’m PA dutch, and Schpritz is used to describe a light drizzle or spraying something, like an aerosol can. If your spitting as you talk, you could imagine somebody telling you you’re schpritzing all over me.

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