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It is the dialect of African American Vernacular English: Lexicon Valley: Why We Be Loving the “Habitual Be” Slate Magazine Who be eating cookies? That’s the question that the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Janice Jackson asked children in a now-famous study on “the habitual be.”* Have you heard of this creature? Though it sounds like the ...


It's the "invariant be" - see section 3.1.2 of this paper. Walt Wolfram contends that usage of the invariant be is age-related, in that young people cease to use it as they grow older. The earliest reference in that paper is a survey of non-standard English by the US Department of Education in 1968 (Labov et al. 1968). However, that's almost certainly not ...


He would have had to have been there. He had to possibly be there before % [%= the past events on mind] He would have to have been there. He had to possibly be there before % [%= the events on mind] He would have had to be there. He had to possibly be there before now [no need of other events on mind] He would have had to been there. Incorrect ...


I believe it is saying I love you also as in too. That is a very old song and I don't think that they were worried about to or too back then.


It shows there is an implied ending that the listener already understands. For example, if I said, "Would you like me to give you a ride to the airport," you might respond, "I'd love you to" or maybe just "Love you to." I know that you'd love me to ... take you to the airport. As for what the title means, well, you'll have to figure out what the Beatles ...


Yes, there is no problem with starting a sentence with an infinitive, and the sentence you quote is correct.


I am not a native English speaker, and I would say: we require SOMEBODY to do something, but SOMETHING requires an action no matter who performs it. For example: my car requires cleaning, which can be done by whoever, but I can require my son to clean it as a punishment because he drove it without my permission.

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