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Meaning of "get out" in "He gets out when he can"

Get out is just a phrasal verb meaning "to go out, to spend time outside". OED lists the relevant sense of get out including the figurative sense as below: To leave one's home or lodgings ...
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Expression/ idiom meaning: "Hold your shoulders back!"

I agree with the person who said "to put one's shoulders back" also means to be confident and assertive. This is the way we hear the phrase used in North America. One also hears "to ...
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What's the meaning of the expressions "break my chops" and "take it on the arches"?

"If you're gonna break my chops, you can take it on the arches." The context alone should make it obvious, but he's saying if you're going to give me a hard time, you can get out of here. ...
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