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Questions about the various forms of English (not Gaelic) spoken by natives of the island of Ireland, whether part of the independent Republic of Ireland or in Northern Ireland.

Hiberno-English is the dialect (or set of dialects) of English spoken anywhere on the isle of Ireland, no matter the country or county. This label comprises several variant sub-dialects, including Ulster English, Dublin English, Cork English, and Limerick English.

The Hiberno- part of the word derives from the ancient Roman name for the island, Hibernia.

Although Hiberno-English borrows many loanwords from Irish Gaelic, a living Celtic tongue still spoken as a first or second language in Ireland, Hiberno-English is still a form of English, just as Australian English and American English are forms of English. Other Gaelic influences than vocabulary alone have been noted, particularly in bilingual speakers.

By some definitions, Hiberno-English does not include the language of Ulster Scots, a variety of Lowland Scots brought to Ulster in the 1600s by immigrants from Scotland. Nonetheless, Ulster Scots has been strongly influenced by Hiberno-English, and to some extent, the other way around as well.

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