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Overwhelmingly, it is considered that paedophilia (although I can't attest to the spelling 100% as I do not have an original copy of the work) was first used in print in Richard von Krafft-Ebing's 'Psychopathia Sexualis'. One assumes that as much of this tome was written in Latin and Greek he would be quite knowledgeable in these languages. So I imagine ...


The 1775 edition of “The New and Complete Dictionary of the English Language” Volume 1, By John Ash - has the entry: Demon: a spirit, an evil spirit so, apparently, the notion of demon as evil spirit entered the English language earlier than the 19th century as you suggest.


If it is specifically human to animals, you can use the word "bestialize" which means to turn into a beast. There is also "transmogrify". I believe it means to turn something into an animal. Searching around, the definitions seem to be a bit more general, but not by much. The more general definitions mainly just encompass turning ...


I think the problem you ha e here is expecting that everything is already categorized. However, not everything is. Many things have been categorized by many different people that haven't lasted the test of time because no-one thought the categorization worth their trouble. For example, Foucault in his book on The Order of Things, said once he was looking ...

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