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What does "what is your deal?" mean in an informal, romantic context?

I think in this context, it's inquiring about her relationship status. It's also sometimes used when someone is asking about someone else and not talking directly to them. "So your friend Julia ...
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Inspiration catalyst? Looking for a term that describes seemingly out of the blue inspiration

“This made me think…” would seem to be an acceptable way to express the idea in English.
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What does the phrase "have no idea" mean?

No idea means you are 0% aware of it or completely unconscious of it. #1: "Any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity"
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Phrase / expression/ word for a smell that stimulates an emotion

It depends on the context. MW: Pavlovian (adj.) : being or expressing a conditioned or predictable reaction : AUTOMATIC the candidates gave Pavlovian answers Watching the clips flash by to the ...
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Phrase / expression/ word for a smell that stimulates an emotion

An evocative smell might cover it? Merriam Webster. evocative: evoking or tending to evoke an especially emotional response [The] settings [are] so evocative that they bring tears to the eyes—Eric ...
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What word should I use to describe a kid who has pooped in their underwear?

I would say "soiled themselves" is a better way to say it.
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The meaning of the expression "Never laugh at live dragons"

Maybe it means not to provoke those dangerous and easily provoked.
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Ignorance is the opposite of bliss

Knowledge is Power Francis Bacon
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Ignorance is the opposite of bliss

Forewarned is forearmed Cambridge Dictionaries explains: "said to mean that if you know about something before it happens, you can be prepared for it" (Forewarned is forearmed, Definition of ...
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Ignorance is the opposite of bliss

Though not a saying, there is the well-known and common expression, to put one’s mind at ease. It refers to the experience of having one’s anxiety lessened by acquiring information.
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Origin of “ish kabibble” as an interjection i.e. 'What, me worry?'

A music hall song named Ich-Ge-Bibble' published in March 1914 and written by British composer of light music Hermann Darewski with R P Weston (they also co-wrote, amongst others, Al Jolson's first ...
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Use of the word "Dutchy" to describe a personality trait

My grandmother was born in Topeka KS in 1920. She used this term about herself when she was having difficulty trying to annunciate or find the precise words she wanted to use. She never used it in ...
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Difference between "Do it yourself" and "Do it by yourself"

Do it yourself from a different location from other people pov not as in the same household as you would make you FOLO when you showing other people your work ethic getting up
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