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LeahHG answered the same question correctly on Reddit 2 years ago The answer to the first one is declined: a 2014 study... In other words, the "as" comes out too, as it is underlined. [...] Remember that the entire underlined section comes out.


If we knew that it ___ raining, we would also know that the street ___ wet. This can be either a hypothetical or irrealis conditional, because the past tense knew can refer to simple past "Since it was raining, the street would be wet. So if we knew then that it was raining, we would also know that the street was wet. Inspector Grimes, did we know ...


These Google 5-gram results for "we knew that it was" / "we knew that it were" / "we knew that he was" / "we knew that he were" show no relevant results for the variants using 'were' (though of course many false positives not involving if-clauses elsewhere. These are examples of the string "if we knew that it was&...

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