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Can we join two sentences with a comma if written in a conversational tone? Is this sentence grammatically correct?

Joining the two finite clauses ("We also need to remember that donations need not be strictly only in cash" and "they can also be in kind...") results in a run-on sentence (also ...
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Ellipsis in complex lists

Interestingly, The Chicago Guide to Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation (Bryan A. Garner, 2016) offers Stevenson’s sentence as an example under “Using Semicolons”: Use a semicolon to separate items in a ...
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Usage of comma and parallel verbs in this sentence

In a comment Edwin Ashworth wrote: The comma 'rules' are not absolute and are 'given' / used to (1) guarantee clarity of meaning, (2) aid reading, (3) show emphasis by signalling say dramatic pauses, ...

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